About Serra Claret

A family business
Since 1933
Serra Claret

Family business in the world of textiles founded in Manresa in 1933 by Josep Serra Claret, tailor and occasional musician. Apart from the tailor's shop located at Calle Born 11 in Manresa, Josep Serra Claret could often be found at the cinema where he played the piano playing the music for the black and white silent films of the time.

"Fashion passes, style is eternal."

- Josep Serra Claret

His son, Josep Maria Serra
Boada decided to continue with tailoring and at the same time introduced new
emerging men's fashion brands towards the end of the 60s. It was when he
married his wife Montserrat Selvas Tarrés that they both decided to incorporate
women's clothing brands of national and international stature in the already
mentioned tailor shop.

Currently, the couple's daughters, Judith and Cristina Serra, are at the head of the family business, which they not only continue to maintain in Manresa, but have also grown in Barcelona. First with the opening of the women's store and since 2015 with the opening of the men's store. Both located on Carrer de Provença, a few meters from the emblematic Pedrera.